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Guitarists’ Secret Weapons: The World of Guitar Pedals

In the world of guitar music, there’s a “unique magic item” that allows musicians to alter and enhance the sound of their instruments: these are guitar pedals. Have you ever wondered about the different types of guitar pedals and how they work?

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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Guitar Pedals

Guitar pedals, often seen as little magic boxes, possess the power to wholly transform your sound. Have you ever wondered how these compact devices work? At their core, they alter the electric signal your guitar produces, allowing musicians to craft a vast array of tones and effects.

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Best Distortion Pedal For Bass Reviews

best distortion pedal for bass reviews

Any pedal can be connected to a bass guitar. Still, some have more flexible settings that will allow you to carefully adjust the level of overdrive and overall sound quality on the bass. Distortion on bass has been used since the 60s, so it’s a long-time practice that is used for low-frequency amplification. And I offer you a list of the best distortion pedals for bass, which will help you to achieve the desired sound.

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Best Distortion Pedal For Stratocaster Reviews

best distortion pedal for stratocaster reviews

The Fender Stratocaster is a very popular guitar, and many different styles of music are played on it, including relatively heavy ones. So the pedals for these guitars must have the ability to sound equally good on light overdrive as on fairly heavy distortion. I suggest you check out the best distortion pedals for Stratocaster, which will help you get exactly the sounds you want from this guitar in Metal and Rock.

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Best Distortion Pedal For Rock Reviews

best distortion pedal for rock reviews

Distortion is an element of heavy genres, including rock, but for the classic style, you usually use overdrive. So what to do if you decide to play something lighter and you don’t have the proper pedal? I will tell you about the best distortion pedals for rock. Tuning them for a light and clean overdrive, you can get the good sound necessary for classic rock.

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Best Distortion Pedal For Blues Reviews

best distortion pedal for blues review

Distortion is an effect necessary for heavy genres of music. But it can still be used for other purposes. Proof of this is my list of the best distortion pedals for blues, which, when set up for light and clean overdrive, will give you results that will surprise you.

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Best Distortion Pedal For Death Metal Reviews

best distortion pedal for death metal reviews

Of course, not every pedal is marked for a particular style. But you can say so about it if you know the genres and have heard the effect. So here I will tell you about the best distortion pedals for Death Metal, which are clearly more suitable for performing this style than others. I’m sure, once you try it, you will agree with it.

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Best Distortion Pedal Under $100 Reviews

best distortion pedal under 100 reviews

Distortion pedals are an indispensable attribute of any guitarist’s pedalboard. This famous effect can be heard in the most popular and even iconic music compositions. But what if you are a beginner musician and your budget is limited?

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MXR Bass D.I.+ Review

MXR Bass D.I.+ review

Many names come to mind when it comes to effect pedals for bass guitars. MXR, which has long honed its craftsmanship in producing these devices, is also among them. But in this MXR Bass D.I.+ review, I propose to consider the advantages of the model, which is a direct injection box (direct input box) for bass, with which you can connect the instrument to the microphone input of the mixing console without distortion, signal loss, noise, and interference. It also functions as a preamplifier. Cool stuff. But let’s make sure of it.

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TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion Review

TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion review

The Danish company TC Electronic is well known for its musical instruments and related devices, which include a wide range of effects pedals. Today, in my TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion review, I offer you a simple pedal that has only one purpose – gain, gain, and more gain. It creates a range from thick walls of distortion doom metal to ultra-dense thrash tones. So if you’re a fan of heavy genres of music – you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go!

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Behringer VT999 Review

Behringer VT999 review

There are many serious companies among the world leaders in designing and manufacturing professional audio equipment and musical instruments. And the German Behringer is one of them. In my Behringer VT999 review, I will tell you about a very interesting model, which is a tube overdrive/distortion pedal, and it is called Vintage Tube Monster.

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Darkglass Microtubes X Ultra Review

Darkglass Microtubes X Ultra review

Darkglass Electronics, known for the quality of its products, created the Microtubes X series in 2018. The Microtubes X7 was among them. But in this Darkglass Microtubes X Ultra review, I will tell you about an even more versatile model than the X7, which is its modified version.

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Pro Co RAT2 Review

Pro Co RAT2 review

In 1978, in the basement of a Pro Co store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Scott Burmam created an effect pedal. This device has undergone some changes since then, but the original circuitry has remained the same. And today, in the Pro Co RAT2 review, I will tell you about this now-famous pedal made by the Chinese company Neutrik for Pro Co.

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Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Review

Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff review

For those who understand the variety of electric guitar gear Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff review won’t be new because this model is a smaller version of the famous EHX Big Muff Pi, which has been on the market since the 70s. For those who don’t know, it’s a fuzz-style distortion pedal with a wonderful effect.

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JOYO JF-03 Review

JOYO JF-03 review

Looking for classic rock distortion? My JOYO JF-03 review will introduce you to a bright representative of this class. This pedal is modeled after the MI Audio Crunchbox, so the British rock of the 60s and 70s is just what it can perfectly do. To understand its benefits and features, I will describe it in more detail. But let’s not waste time and get to the most interesting part.

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MXR M75 Review

MXR M75 review

Well, some names speak for themselves. And in this MXR M75 review, I’ll introduce you to an effect pedal that bears the proud name of Super Badass Distortion. MXR was a pioneer in making pedals, but they’ve honed their craftsmanship quite a bit over the decades.

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Boss MT-2 Review

Boss MT-2 review

In this Boss MT-2 review, I will tell you about one of the most famous pedals but, at the same time, controversial pedals. All guitarists know it, but it has earned absolutely opposite feedback during its history. By the way, this model was released in 1991 but is still one of the best-selling models. Let’s look at the Metal Zone MT-2 features; they may help you decide whether this pedal is suitable for you.

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