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Pro Co RAT2 Review

In 1978, in the basement of a Pro Co store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Scott Burmam created an effect pedal. This device has undergone some changes since then, but the original circuitry has remained the same. And today, in the Pro Co RAT2 review, I will tell you about this now-famous pedal made by the Chinese company Neutrik for Pro Co. It is designed for fuzz and distortion in equal measure, where smoothness overrides sharpness. So let’s take a closer look at it.

Build and design

Pro Co RAT2

The cute little pedal has an understated design in black with glow-in-the-dark graphics. So it’s visible on your pedalboard in the dark. The Rat 2 gives the impression of being indestructible, and it really is. Measuring 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4 inches, and weighing 2 pounds, it has a classic practical steel body and metal panels on the sides. The heavy-duty industrial pedal switches, three knobs, and connectors can also handle a lot, making it definitely suitable for concert activities. Circuit connectors are located on the top panel of the sidewall next to the DC connector, and there is also an On/Off LED indicator and a battery compartment on the back. Everything is simple and to the point.


Pro Co RAT2 features are as simple as its design. But that doesn’t stop it from being versatile. To start with, the pedal runs on 9V batteries and the RPS2 power supply adapter, which are not included in the kit. In addition, it has standard ΒΌ” jacks, a 100% analog signal path, a military-grade glass-epoxy circuit board, and a True Bypass. There are also three controls, Distortion, Volume, and Filter, which rotate virtually 360 degrees, allowing for an extremely wide range of tuning.

As I said before, the pedal finds a balance somewhere between distortion and fuzz. Indeed, by turning the knob to the limit, you can get one effect or another, depending on what you’re playing. The Filter is designed to regulate high and low frequencies. All in all, by playing around with the settings, you will get unexpected results. But take your time. Better yet, listen to RAT2 before you buy it. In my opinion and musical taste, it is perfect for classic rock or grunge. But metal lovers will find it lacking in dirt and compression.


Pro Co RAT2 photo

In conclusion, I can only say one thing: this pedal will undoubtedly find its fans, even though it does not have any one unique quality. It’s all about the range of its capabilities. It is definitely not suitable for heavy styles of music, but in grunge, classic rock Pro Co RAT2 sounds great. The proof of that is the fact that Kurt Cobain used it. And he’s not the only one! Thom Yorke, James Hetfield, and David Gilmour are also among the users. If you take the time to experiment with its knobs, tune it, and play it back, the RAT2 will give you the credit you deserve. And taking into account its affordable price, I can put it in a worthy competitive place among other pedals.

Key specs

  • Controls: pedal switch, filter, volume, distortion.
  • Connectors: input jack: 1/4-inch, output jack: 1/4-inch, DC IN jack.
  • Power Supply: battery (9V), DC adaptor (9V).
  • Size (WxDxH), inch/cm: 3.5x4x2.5/8.8×10.1×6.3.
  • Weight oz/g: 32/907.
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