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It's been a while since a new update or in fact any new release. Sorry for the delay. 2016 promises to hold much more. Starting the spring off we have 2 new releases. One LP from Chicago's newest art damaged duo HOGG. The other is a cassette from Maine's underground cultists, Taboo. The LP is limited to 200 copies. The first 100 are on transparent pink wax. The cassette is limited to 100 copies pro dubbed on high quality tape. Here is a little write up for both releases.

While Babylon was burning, HOGG doused themselves in stolen sunscreen and cut Carnal Lust and Carnivorous Eating. These are anthems for society's collapse. The songs would appeal to both alt rockers with chock full Expedit shelves in LA (see: "Dog") and band-weary oogles from Baltimore (see: "X-Ray Target"). From sea to shitty sea. And beyond! We're talking some primordial rock with and without "real" drums but always with a hard grind. Inverted rainbow rockers. Speaking of which, HOGG reminds me at times of a less elated version of the Bronx's killer band DOG (see: "Sex Worker"). High praise there. And I heard shades of a (New England) Patriots riff in "Algae / Chest Hair". Damn good! The personnel on this record (that go by their God given names: Danny & Dave Meatgrinder, Crime Child, and Tar Paper) have succeeded in creating the soundtrack for some kind of ruination. Controlled paranoia available for micro dosing. Just drop the needle.

From the mouth of Maineness comes Taboo with 'Total Wooden Dogface Tomorrow'. Taboo, whose reputation for wild, junked-out live gigs and colorful personas precedes them, bring home the bacon with this tape. Although I've heard the term "neo-folk" being bandied about for Taboo, their music is much less oof-worthy than that label normally denotes and their approach is far more authentic than some Englishman who plays acoustic guitar while wearing a ghillie suit. Their primal thumping runs the gamut of laid back skronk: from the mellow snoot of the Velvets to the dynamic caterwauling, slide-hell ferocity of early Bad Seeds records. But as noted above, Taboo is doing very much their own thing. Some sort of ritualized bang and slang, bloodletting, exorcisms, possibly a motivational beacon thrown in for good measure. It's the fruit the serpent indicated, ripe and ready for the picking.

Both releases are up for sale in the shop. Both are going fast so order fast before they're gone for good. Also the label is having a huge sale on all old releases. All old LPs are now 5 dollars and all flexis are 1 dollar! Taboo is currently on a huge U.S. tour. Go check them out. HOGG will also be going some upcoming midwest dates in late May. Details will be posted soon. Stay tuned a lot more is in the works. Up next will be a cassette from New York's new brutal noise rockers Conduit. Featuring ex members of Twin Stumps and ex-Chicago psychopath Anuj Panchal. I'm also happy to announce we will be putting out the Dim LP. If you live in chicago and haven't seen Dim yet, go check them out. You are missing out. - Rotted Tooth Recordings